"The transforming power of Grace wants to harness the energy within your most pernicious knot of suffering as a launching pad to the infinite.  Your part in this transformation is to drop in and through the very thing you have spent a lifetime trying to avoid."  Miranda Macpherson

We begin in Presence, grounded in our bodies, the earth, as well as the transformative power of divine grace. Then through body, heart, mind, we work through our essential conflict- what's most true for us and what we still think we have to give up of our real self to survive, to be loved & accepted.  Patterns soften and let go as we work with both sides of the conflict.  We may sense spaciousness and an uptick of energy from life force that's been held back for a long time.  As we come into our adult consciousness, we can engage in healthy mature relationships with others.

Rehashing our history is not necessary as our past can be present now, in our energy, feelings, sensations, and beliefs.  I first learned from psycho-spiritual teacher, Miranda Macpherson and later, Dr. Laurence Heller,  how to sit with Presence, curiosity and full-acceptance.  From the stillness, silence and love of our being, we track moment by moment and  inquire into the felt sense, feelings, beliefs so that powerful shifts can happen.   

We allow space for you to  experience and integrate various parts of yourself such as needs and natural self-expression.  Attention is given to unprocessed emotions that are often linked to early life,  as  their energies get bound up in our joints, psyche, etc.  We could  use the whole body to digest intense emotions so the brain doesn't shut the body down from overwhelm.   Another way is listening to the intention of the emotions, and energetically containing  them in a mindful way so we can connect us back to our life force.   This not only allows us to have access to our creativity and passion but also to inhabit our spirituality, as well as heal our  wounded hearts so that love, courage and other innate qualities of the heart can emerge from WITHIN. 

As a spiritual counselor, I see my work as supporting clients to live from soul, to be the love and light that we are.  I'm grateful for the psycho-spiritual embodiment teachings of Miranda Macpherson and Julie Brown Yau, PhD, as well as tools  from two spiritually-informed psychologists:  Dr. Laurence Heller’s NeuroAffective Relational Model™(NARM), an approach that works to heal attachment, relational and developmental trauma by working with patterns that cause lifelong psychobiological symptoms and interpersonal difficulties;  Dr. Raja Selvam’s Integral Somatic Psychology™(ISP) for emotional embodiment  so the  nervous system can tolerate, not defend and react by contracting our physical and subtle bodies, allowing emotions to be digested.  Additionally, I use Dr. Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing™ for resolving shock trauma & Stephen J Terrell PsyD's Transforming Intentional Touch for fetus/infant trauma.  


 “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 


© 2019 Brianna Ho Delott.