Entering into a receptive state of Grace awakens you to the shower of subtle blessings that are always available... The transforming power of Grace wants to harness the energy within your most pernicious knot of suffering as a launching pad to the infinite.  Your part in this transformation is to drop in and through the very thing you have spent a lifetime trying to avoid."  Miranda Macpherson

We begin by grounding in our bodies and to the primordial life force deep in mother earth; welcoming love, wisdom, and grace of the universe.  Then somatically and psychobiologically, we work through body, heart and mind, our core dilemma which is the essential conflict between what's most authentic for us and what we subconsciously think we need to give up of our real self to survive, to be loved & accepted.   Why we may feel stuck even after decades of inner work is because it can feel like death to let go of our early survival strategies since  we created them when it did feel like life or death as young ones.  

We explore what’s in the way of us connecting to our authentic self, others, and God/Source so we can embody our essence in daily living.  Rehashing our history is not necessary as our past can be present now, in our energy, feelings, sensations, and beliefs.  Tracking them moment by moment allows powerful shifts to happen.    My primary role, largely influenced by psycho-spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson, is to sit with you in Presence, curiosity and full acceptance, allowing space for you to experience and integrate all parts of yourself, such as needs that's been shut down.   I trust that your soul and life force know the way back to the real you, just as a plant naturally knows to reach for the light.

I  also use tools from two spiritually-informed psychologists:  Dr. Laurence Heller’s NeuroAffective Relational Model™(NARM), an approach that works to heal attachment, relational and developmental trauma by working with patterns that cause lifelong psychobiological symptoms and interpersonal difficulties.   Dr. Raja Selvam’s Integral Somatic Psychology™(ISP) for emotional embodiment  so the  nervous system can tolerate, not defend and react by contracting our physical and subtle bodies, allowing emotions to be digested.  Additionally, Dr. Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing™ for resolving trauma. 

Light and energy are dimensions I access and track.  The uptick of energy one feels in a session could be life force that's been held back for a long time.  Coming out of internal conflicts that once led us to believe we had to give up our true selves to stay alive, may generate a feeling of spaciousness, a coming home to oneself.  Since God/Source/teachers can be powerful allies in our healing,  I support clients to process early attachment issues so they can cultivate a healthy personal relationship with the divine to allow grace to flow into their lives.  

Early childhood disturbances can crush our hearts. To cope with difficult emotions such as rage and hatred, we may create strategies such as going numb, becoming addictive, withdrawing into our heads, or dissociating from our bodies. When our hearts close down, we may judge ourselves harshly for not being more evolved. I have come to see that our hearts are more vast than any pain that may be constricting them.  I support clients to lean into what hurts, using the body as a container in a regulated and undefended way.  When early pain is felt and met, not only do split off emotions get integrated so that more aliveness comes back to us, but compassion, love, courage and other innate qualities of the heart can emerge from WITHIN.  My logo is the Chinese symbol for "love," that came to me in a vision while I was deep in my NARM training and personal sessions.

 “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 


© 2019 Brianna Ho Delott.