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Early disturbances, from womb to childhood, as well as shock traumas  can disconnect us from our true nature such as peace, love, joy, etc.   I support clients to reconnect to their essence, to rest in their being and to have more access to their deep hearts. 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers

within yourself that you have built against it.”  Rumi

My approach is psycho-biological, somatic and energetic.


Working with Persistent Patterns:  Sitting with Presence, curiosity and full acceptance (not trying to fix clients), are foundational in NARM.  These are also qualities that I've been cultivating with spiritual teacher, Miranda Macpherson.  I support you to connect deeper with yourself to integrate various split-off parts such as the right to exist and having your needs, your voice and your emotions.  In the silence of our being, together we track moment by moment and inquire into the somatic felt sense, feelings and beliefs so that patterns can soften and let go. You may sense spaciousness and an uptick of energy from the life force that’s been freed up. 

Working with the Whole Body and Nervous System:  We can reconnect with the deep pulsation - the formative intelligence that's creative and which evolved us from conception, but we often need support to access this deep resource.  We can also process intense emotions from early traumas, as well as activation from shock traumas that may be bound up in our joints, muscles, viscera and brain, in a way that does not overwhelm.  The brain can contract/collapse us, as if we're in physical pain when our emotional pain is intense.   It's important also to work with the expansion/contraction cycles that are inevitable when we access the life force that allows our real self to emerge. This can sometimes feel threatening to the old identity that fears change. 


Modalities I Use:  I have learned from Miranda Macpherson that with loving presence that is also spacious, when we allow ourselves to directly experience what is without trying to fix or change anything, grace can act on it.  Another way of looking at it is that we are back in Zero point or flow and life takes care of us.  We can then return to our natural easeful being. I also use tools from the following spiritually-informed trauma experts.


  • Dr. Laurence Heller’s NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (NARM), an approach that works to heal attachment, relational and developmental trauma by working with patterns that cause lifelong psychobiological symptoms and interpersonal difficulties.

  • Dr. Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing™ (SE), a body-oriented approach for healing trauma, to regulate the nervous system and to release shock trauma.

  • Dr. Jim Feil, DC, RPP, BCST, Pulsatory/Formative Intelligence Method,  work based on Dr. Stanley Keleman's Somatic Reality method that is especially helpful for working with bracing/contraction.

  • Dr. Raja Selvam’s Integral Somatic Psychology™ (ISP), for emotional embodiment so the nervous system can tolerate more, not defend and react by contracting our physical and subtle bodies, allowing emotions to be digested.

  • Kathy L Kain, PhD & Stephen J Terrell PsyD's Somatic Resilience Regulation, works in the milieu of nonverbal trauma by understanding the neurochemistry of early trauma, and rebuilding developmental platforms through regulation.

  • Stephen J Terrell PsyD's Transforming Intentional Touch for fetus/infant trauma, for physiological regulation & working with primitive reflexes. 

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