You will find resources here that can inform you about spirituality and trauma. 


Psycho-spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson:  - this is the approach I take in my spiritual counseling

The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation by Miranda Macpherson

Dr. Laurence Heller’s NeuroAffective Relational Model for healing developmental trauma:

Dr Laurence Heller Introduces the NARM Approach to Healing Developmental Trauma:

Healing Developmental Trauma: How Early Trauma Affects Self-Regulation, Self-Image, and the Capacity for Relationship by Laurence Heller Ph.D.  Aline LaPierre Psy.D. 

Dr. Raja Selvam’s Integral Somatic Psychology:

Trauma & Spirituality:

Dr Julie Brown Yau,  www.  The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma.

In this clear introduction to developmental trauma Dr. Julie Brown Yau describes how, through reconnecting to our bodies, we can learn to deal with the consequences of the three main traumatic experiences of infancy: anger, rage and the terror of annihilation. We can fall back into love, the love that we have always been.

Mariana Caplan,PhD, MFT, E-RYT 500, is a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and the author of eight books in the fields of psychology and spirituality

The Psychology of Awakening by John Welwood:

Other Trauma Healing Modalities:

Somatic Experiencing:

Transforming Intentional Touch (for fetus/infant trauma):

Nurturing Resilience: Helping Clients Move Forward from Developmental Trauma--An Integrative Somatic Approach

by Kathy L. Kain & Stephen J. Terrell