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My personal growth & spiritual path began at age 24 when I left my first marriage and found myself overwhelmed as a single parent & a university student.  I read many self-help books and attended many workshops.  I learned to meditate which was so helpful for alleviating stress.  I was graced by spiritual luminaries who blessed my life in significant ways. However, because of trans-generational and early traumas--rejected at birth, neglect, immigration, parental discord, etc.--I found it challenging to sustain any expanded  states.  

After 28 years, I was drawn to embody and engage in psychobiological work.  To finally feel my aliveness has been remarkable and life-changing.  Supporting clients through the process of connecting with their own aliveness, and seeing their real self light up their faces, is what gives me the greatest joy and fuels my passion for this work.  

I am a NARM Master practitioner in Dr. Laurence Heller’s NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (this higher level training is now only open to therapists).  I've completed trainings in Dr. Peter Levine's P-Somatic Experiencing™, and  Dr. Raja Selvam's  Integral Somatic Psychology™, and Stephen J. Terrell PsyD's Transforming the Experienced Based Brain for fetus/infant trauma. I am in training with Dr. Jim Feil, DC, RPP, BCST's pulsatory/formative intelligence work as well as Drs. Kathy L Kain and Stephen J Terrell's Somatic Resilience Regulation.  I also finished a two-year spiritual counseling training with One Spirit Interfaith NYC and am certified by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals. My academic studies include an undergraduate degree in psychology from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia.   

Photo by Leslee Goldstein

"Grace is always present. You imagine it is something somewhere high in the sky, far away, and has to descend. 
It is really inside you, in your Heart.."
Ramana Maharshi

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