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Why might we struggle to feel truly alive & to embody our essence?


“The spontaneous movement in all of us is toward connection, health, and aliveness.  No matter how withdrawn and isolated we have become ... on the deepest level,  just as a plant spontaneously moves toward sunlight is in each of us an impulse moving toward connection and  healing.”

Laurence Heller, PhD & Aline Lapierre, PsyD

Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Brianna.

I support clients in exploring and digesting what’s in the way of living their deepest longings — whether it be self-acceptance, manifesting deep desires or spiritual fulfillment, etc .  I've come to trust that when we're connected to our aliveness and our authentic self, disempowering internal states and behaviors can shift more easily. Living from our soul/essence becomes more natural. 

I came to this work after being on a self-help/spiritual path for almost 3 decades before a crucial element of my healing came to light.  It was the psychospiritual and psychobiological - distortions in psychological self (what we believe about self & world), and physiological dysregulation in the brain & body.   From the fertile ground of my prior work, a subtle but radical shift began as I tended to core early wounds. The aliveness that had always been within me emerged and my life’s work as a spiritual counselor unfolded,  led by Grace or what some call "that which is bigger than us." This new phase of my personal and professional development included the privilege of training with two spiritually-informed leading edge psychologists. 

Even those most dedicated to evolving may still find a sense of struggle, surviving but not thriving.  ​Attachment, relational and developmental trauma, where we did not bond well with our caregivers or were deeply stressed by our family environment, can cause us to not feel safe and secure within ourselves or the world. Such disturbances may lead to adaptive survival strategies that disconnect us from our creative resourceful self, contributing to difficulties throughout life.

We may engage in spiritual and personal growth practices to help heal perceived  inadequacies. Deep inner work including empowerment and spiritual intensives help us to transform but may sometimes trigger difficult early memories too overwhelming to stay present in their bodies and emotions. We may unknowingly bypass, rather than integrate, early distresses such as abandonment, neglect, abuse, premature or unwanted birth, mis-attunement from parents, trans-generational trauma and more.  

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